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ElectroMagnetic Compatibility: With the proliferation of electronic systems in every aspect of our daily lives, there inevitably comes the problem of compatibility. Listening to the news on AM radio while ...
In order to provide better service and reduce cost for our customer, We are making a special customer Cservice centers.All of enclosures can be customized to meet the exact requirements of a customer's...


As packaging boxes in which, for example, cosmetics, medicines, confections, stationary and other daily use products are packaged, plastic boxes are widely used in place of paper boxes formed of conventional thick paper or cardboard. A plastic box is often used as a container that is transparent or gives the impression of transparency, and as a packaging box that allows the contents or decorations inside the box to be seen from the outside. The plastic box is preferably formed into a hexahedral shape by an easily assembling process, for example, It is plastic, preferably in a hexahedron shape easily through a process of gebildetenMontage, for example by folding a sheet of plastic, which to fold into a predetermined shape by cutting along the lines and assembly was formed in appropriate locations.

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There a quite a few people who buy plastic water/drink bottles and then reuse them over and over again. Reusing the bottles in that fashion is very bad for your health. There are even some plastic bottles that shouldn¡¯t be drunk from straight from the store. Plastic is essentiality a porous material, which means that some of the chemicals leaches out into the liquid it contains. Some chemicals leach more than others but the point being here that any chemical that leaches is going into your body.

Now, you¡¯ll notice that there is a recycling number on the bottom of plastic bottles. Some bottles will have #3 and others will have a #7 and so on. Those numbers signal the different chemicals and therefore the way in which they need to be recycled for easier separating. Some numbers are not too bad in regards to human use, while other numbers should be avoided at all costs.

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